In order to slow down the aging process, it is important to know a few things. Aging is mostly genes, or heritage.  The genetics, however, are highly influenced by epi-genetics, or all of the stuff of our environment that affects gene expression. In our society that demands more, More, MORE we forget that often our greatest benefit comes from less.

The most important principle beyond genes is: Less is more

  • Less inflammation – infections, reactions
  • Less food – fast periodically
  • Less calories – smaller meals
  • Less chemical vitamins, more natural foods
  • Less exercise, but getting enough (1 hour 5 times per week) is important!
  • Less stress – this is a biggie!  All the stress hormones are “catabolic” meaning they break down tissues.
  • Less toxins – 99% of the toxins processed in our liver comes from what we ingest happily and willingly.  Don’t eat chemical foods or processed foods!

By simply consuming less, you can elongate your life, have better overall health, and live better.

Dr. Saunders graduated UCLA Medical School and became a board-certified Family Practice physician.  After working for the County of Santa Barbara, he opened his own office to practice Integrative Medicine.  He is currently the Medical Director of the Integrative Medicine Center of Santa Barbara, as well as the medical director of the Central Coast Nursing Center.  He is also the Chief Medical Officer of Barton Publishing, and has multiple publications on health and wellness.  He belongs to many professional organizations including The American College for the Advancement of Medicine, The American Association of Integrative Medicine, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  He and his wife have 13 children and live in Santa Ynez.
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