All You Need to Know About Wellness Packages

All You Need to Know About Wellness Packages

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By Heather Hughes

I quickly stood up to help my boss, and I felt the familiar spinning. My vision clouded, and I panicked that my coworkers would notice… or worse, that I would wake up to a circle of my worried coworkers. I choked down a lump in my throat, hoped my face wouldn’t turn white or red, and pretended all was well, unlikely convincing anyone.


I went to the urgent care only to be told my frequent passing out was due to seasonal allergies. I then went to a variety of health experts who sent me away with iron pills, compression socks, and counsel to ‘get up slowly’.


None of those solved the problem or answered the real question, what was causing me to pass out?


While my story may look differently than yours, I share with many people the frustration that has accompanied unpleasant health issues with seemingly no diagnosable cause. I have felt the frustration that comes from feeling sick and not having clear answers.


I have talked with many other people who share these complaints. Where do you go to find someone who can figure out what is wrong? And then who can help you get well—not only symptom-free, but thriving–again? It might not be for you, you may be watching the suffering of a mother, a brother, or a dear friend. Watching someone else suffer sometimes hurts just as badly. Where can you go to truly be well again?


In Santa Barbara, Dr. Scott Saunders, a functional medicine doctor, has created a unique approach to healing, and it works.


He creates wellness packages that literally change the lives and improve the well-being of people.


We do it for as many people as we can, and we do it every day. Our goal, and our delivery, is to help mothers, fathers, and individuals thrive again. Each day, I watch lives change, pain disappear, minds sharpen, and energy and vitality return.   I witness again and again as people return to full health, ridding themselves of chronic illnesses they would otherwise be told they would have until they died.







The process happens a little differently here at the Integrative Medicine Center (IMC). First off, we’re not like other doctor’s offices. While other doctors treat the symptoms of the problem, we find the root cause and then treat the problem. And, like our name suggests, we use integrative medicine techniques. We also believe in using holistic methods and supplements as well as other natural techniques when needed to get you off of harmful drugs. Because we use these different approaches, our process is unique.


The process begins when you call and get scheduled to attend a lecture precisely about our philosophy as well as more about our Wellness Packages (we call the program The Vitality Program).


You then make an appointment to meet with Dr. Saunders. In this meeting, he will meet with you for an hour, look through your health history, and create a plan of action catered specifically for you.


Because our facility can only accept a certain number of Vitality patients, and space is limited, the doctor will also need to agree that you are a good fit for the practice. When meeting with Dr. Saunders, you will need to be accepted into the program.


If agreed upon, you begin your the process that your individual plan dictates. You will most likely meet with our Health Coach, Karen Snyder, do diagnostic testing, and attend required health classes.


After you have completed the program, you meet once again with Dr. Saunders, who will evaluate your program to review your results, progress, and, most likely, congratulate you on working so hard to have the results you wanted.


Why do we care?


Dr. Saunders started his medical career as most Family Practice Medical Doctors do by giving prescriptions to patients. He found that not only were the prescriptions not working, but those patients were getting worse from the prescriptions.


Frustrated with his options, he started researching other avenues. His research led him to a holistic approach to health. He eventually found answers to a variety of health problems that doesn’t require drugs. He’s utilized these answers and other crucial resources to not only heal many problems, but aid people to live vibrantly.


We, in the office, have witnessed this time and time again with patients participating in the Vitality Program. Because of the success rate, we are extremely confident in finding and/or treating your problem. In fact, we guarantee that if you follow the program you will get results.


Our work propels us to find and help more people feel alive again. We invite you to call and get started. Come feel alive again.

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