Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ViP Program designed for?

The ViP Program works great for people of all types and ages, but especially for the following:

  • People looking for more personalized healthcare who want more time with a doctor
  • Those suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and arthritis
  • Patients struggling with pain, stress, inflammation, fatigue and weight issues
  • People who want more patient advocacy and care coordination
  • Busy people and families who are always “on the go”
Can I continue to use my traditional doctor while being enrolled in the ViP Program?

Absolutely. This program allows you quick and easy access to a licensed doctor but you can use your regular physician, as needed, through your normal processes. The ViP Program simply allows you to access a medical professional directly and quickly, which is usually not the case in most traditional medical plans.

How can a doctor commit to so much individualized time with each patient?

Most traditional doctors have 3,000 to 4,000 patients under their care at one time, which is why it takes so long to see your doctor when you try to get an appointment. Doctors are limited by what they can do in such a short amount of time with each patient and they often have to rely predominantly on medications or invasive procedures to treat symptoms of larger illnesses.

In the ViP Program, the primary goal of our medical professionals is to identify the root cause of your symptoms and to get and keep you healthy. Quite simply, it is much easier to oversee 300 healthy patients than 1,000+ sick patients!

What is not included in this program?

Since this is a virtual program, there are no physical visits at a doctor’s office. You will pay extra for any recommended supplements, lab tests, immunizations and medical procedures, if needed. Some of these costs may be covered by your health insurance. However, most treatments Dr. Saunders recommends will consist of nutritional dietary adjustments and moderate exercise plans, which are included in the program at no additional cost.

Will Insurance pay for this?

No. The program is intentionally structured to make sure insurance companies are NOT involved. You will not be able to apply the monthly fee towards your insurance deductible but you will be able to run other medical procedures and tests that are not able to be completed virtually through your normal insurance process, if needed.

How long of a commitment is this?

You can cancel at any time.

Can I use FSA/HSA funds to pay for the program?

Possibly. Each individual plan has different requirements and guidelines so you should check with your plan administrator for details and eligible reimbursements.

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