We’ve had several patients ask what’s up with all the changes.  And while there isn’t one reason for the changes, we want you to know everything we’re doing is in an effort to make your office experience the best it can be.  Each new staff member is delightfully equipt to assist you and create a charming office experience.  We hope you join us in welcoming our new staff.

Our New Front Office Faces!

Nina Guiliacci is trilingual in English, Spanish, and Sign Language. She’s a gifted Aztec Dancer and performs regularly with a group.  She received her Associates Degree in Sign Language from Rogue Community College in Grants Pass, Oregon.  She loves to go hiking, especially here in Santa Barbara.  She’s an active gardener, and she loves her cats Tlalli and Ocelotl.  She has two older sisters and is a Santa Barbara native.

Isaac Cortes is trilingual in Spanish, French, and English.  He’s a gifted musician.  He sings solos and has been part of an accomplished choir, he plays the ocarina and is learning the guitar.  He recently graduated high school with honors, and he is attending Santa Barbara City College this autumn.  He’s the youngest of 3 children, and he is a Santa Barbara native.

Other Housekeeping Items:

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