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Dr. Scott Saunders

MD, Owner & Operator of IMCSB

Meet Dr. Scott Saunders, MD, Owner, and Operator of IMCSB. After UCLA medical school, Scott Saunders completed a Family Practice residency at Northridge Hospital, becoming board certified in 1995. Since then he has lived and worked in Santa Barbara County. As the medical director of a nursing home in Lompoc, Dr. Saunders had to take all of the most difficult cases.

Many patients had lists of medications that were pages long. While trying to relieve their suffering from side effects, he did a lot of research and found that the medications often did more harm than good. He was able to find alternatives to most medications that not only worked better, but had no side effects.

Since then he has specialized in helping people reduce their medication burden. Most find more energy and vitality, they think more clearly, and they feel better. If any person desires true health, then this is the place to be. IMCSB is founded on true principles of health and fitness that allow people to become their best selves. We focus on your health, so you can focus on things that truly matter.

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